Calendar of Events


Friday, March 1, 2019

1:00 P.M. Museum Meeting Room


John Adams


John Adams has a BA and MS in botany and a PhD in soil science. He is the historian of the Rialto Historical Society and has written 7 books on a wide variety of subjects. John worked as a soil scientist for the Bureau of Land Management. He operated his family's orange grove in Rialto for the past 30 years.

In recent years John and his business partner have been growing fruit and vegetables on five farms totaling around 40 acres. They are able to grow hundreds of varieties of fruits and vegetables because the farms are in different climate zones. Growing up in a farm family and then  being in charge of the family's farm has resulted in John paying very close attention to the weather and climate changes during his 75 years in Rialto. 

John will speak about unusual weather and the changing climate of the Inland Empire during his talk to the Wrightwood Historical Society at 1 PM on Friday March 1. He will discuss how some varieties of fruit trees that used to produce heavy crops in the Inland Empire now produce little or no fruit most years because of changes in the climate.