About Us

The mission of the Society is to collect, preserve, display, and interpret the history of Wrightwood and the surrounding areas that have a direct impact on Wrightwood. We are a community educational organization dedicated to the interpretation of history through a collection of artifacts and memorabilia donated to the Museum. 

The collection of artifacts in the Museum richly recalls Wrightwood's past. Visitors are welcomed to tour the Museum at no charge, although donations are warmly accepted and greatly appreciated. Monies collected for donation are used to improve and maintain the Museum.

Program meetings are held throughout the year on the first Fridays of the month at 1 PM in the meeting room at the Museum, which is located in the Old Firehouse at 6000 Cedar St. Guest speakers share expert knowledge on various aspects of local history. Meetings are open to the community and the general public as a no-cost educational service.

In summertime, visitors are encouraged to bring questions about Old Wrightwood to the Museum on any “Old-Timer Saturday,” when a long-standing resident offers the opportunity to learn about Wrightwood history from someone who has seen it. These special Saturdays are scheduled once a month. Dates and times are advertised in local publications and are available at the Museum.

Membership is open to anyone interested in forging a stronger connection to Wrightwood. Membership is also an excellent means for serving the community. Annual membership fees are $20 for individuals, $30 for families, and $150 for lifetime. Anyone interested in becoming a member can call President John Lenau at 760-249-4650. New members interested in meeting and greeting museum visitors can call Coordinator of Volunteers Frances Baker at 760-249-4422.

JOIN. Together we will keep alive the history of Wrightwood.



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